Keith Spencer Keith Spencer


My paintings are landscapes, incomplete stories told through a haze of physical, emotional, and temporal distance.

Keith Spencer (b. New Mexico) is a visual artist and translator. In 2009 he was named a goodwill ambassador for Fukushima prefecture, Japan and in 2016 received The Mary Koga Memorial Grant from the Japan America Society of Chicago. Keith was a 2019 Emily Carr University of Art + Design Teaching Fellow, and a participating artist in Overworld, a 2020 online exhibition organized by the Japan Foundation in Mexico. He currently lives in Kyoto, Japan.


2019  Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Vancouver, BC
     Master of Fine Arts
2016  School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL
2005  University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM
     Bachelor of Arts


2020  おぼろ月 - the hazy moon
     Itonowa - Kyoto    

2022  パスカルの蝶たち:第二章 - Butterflies of Pascal: Chapter II
     K no Ie - Karuizawa
2020  Ultramundos - Overworld - オーバーワルド
     online exhibition - Japan Foundation in Mexico
The Blend Inn - Osaka    
     Leaning Out of Windows: Phase 3
     Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Vancouver
2019  Hotel Wall Stew
Kagan Hotel - Kyoto
     Introspection | Extrospection
     Michael O'Brian Exhibition Commons - Vancouver
2018  Understory
     Ground Floor Art Centre - Vancouver
2017  Netflix and Chill
     D&S Gallery - Chicago
2016  Post-Baccalaureate 2016 Salon
     School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago
2015  Nippon Steel 23
     Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal U.S.A. Office Gallery - Chicago
     Bad Painting
     School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago
2013  ココデミル - Here You See
     3F Project Room - Kyoto

2019   Kagan Hotel - Kyoto